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Generator Repair Service in Chelmsford, MA

Generators are not invincible systems. Just like heaters, air conditioners, and every other kind of home appliance, generators will occasionally develop problems that require a professional to fix. Problems with generators tend to be progressive. They grow and develop into larger and more damaging issues over time. For that reason, you should call us as soon as you notice anything odd or unusual with your generator. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse! We offer a full range of generator repair services. Give us a call today to schedule generator repair services in Chelmsford, MA and the surrounding area.

Ryan Gath Electric provides generator repair services throughout Chelmsford, MA and the surrounding areas.

When You Should Call for Generator Repair Services in Chelmsford, MA and the Surrounding Area

As mentioned above, you should call for generator repair any time that you notice your generator behaving strangely. It may be that you call a technician in, and he or she doesn’t find anything that needs repair. That’s fine. It’s much better than the alternative of dismissing a seemingly trivial issue, only to find that your generator fails to work properly the next time you need it. Vigilance and fast response are the two best ways to keep your generator in good condition. Call us today if you think you may need generator repair.

Common Signs that You Need Generator Repair

One of the biggest causes of generator repair needs is battery failure. Generator batteries, like car batteries, eventually lose the ability to hold a charge. When that happens, the generator will fail to start. For that reason, you should have your generator battery replaced every two or three years.

Low coolant is another common cause of generator problems, caused by a leak somewhere in the coolant system. Without enough coolant in the system, the generator will risk overheating. If you notice liquid dripping or pooling around your generator, it is a sign that you might have a coolant leak. Contact us right away to have the leak sealed.

Fuel leaks are also capable of causing major issues with your generator, depending on the type of fuel it uses. This might be harder to detect, depending on the type of fuel your generator uses. If your generator uses natural gas or propane, and you hear a low hissing noise coming from it, turn it off and call us immediately. Fuel leaks can be incredibly dangerous, and must be fixed right away.

Those are the top three generator issues that require repair, but there are a few other common problems that are more easily fixed. If your generator isn’t starting, the first thing to do would be to check if the generator is set to "off" or "auto." Occasionally, people can accidentally set the generator to "off" and forget to turn it back on. It is also possible that the generator tripped a circuit breaker the last time it was turned on. If that’s the case, the breaker simply needs to be reset to restore the generator to full function.

Ryan Gath Electric offers comprehensive generator repair services. If you think you might need your generator repaired, give us a call today.