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Whole–House Generators in Chelmsford, MA

Most generators are used as emergency stop-gap measures. They’re powerful enough to keep things like lights and heat running until the main power can come back on, but they’re nowhere near strong enough to operate the entire house by themselves. For most people, that limited utility is all that’s needed. The power outages in a lot of areas don’t last long enough to warrant anything stronger. In more remote areas, however, the power can be a lot less reliable. Especially during inclement weather, it is possible for the power to be out for days at a time. In cases like these, a normal generator just isn’t strong enough to provide the power that’s needed. For these times, whole house generators are the perfect solution. Give us a call today to schedule whole-home generator services in Chelmsford, MA and the surrounding area.

Ryan Gath Electric provides whole house generator services throughout Chelmsford, MA and the surrounding areas.

Whole House Generator Installation in Chelmsford, MA

Installing a whole house generator is much the same as installing any other generator system. First, you’ll want to make sure you have enough open space outside the home to host a whole house generator. You may want a shed or other building capable of shielding the generator from the elements, while still providing proper ventilation for the exhaust. Once the location of the generator is settled, it can be connected to the home’s electrical grid. Finally, the generator can be hooked up to its fuel source. For whole house generators, natural gas is the most common fuel type. That means installing a new natural gas pipeline to serve the generator.

As you’ve probably guessed from the above description, this kind of installation requires some pretty involved and specialized work. This is definitely not a DIY project. If you need a whole house generator installed for your home, call Ryan Gath Electric. Our expert technicians will install your whole house generator safely and correctly, so you can make use of it as soon as you need it.

If you’d like to know more about our whole house generator services, give us a call today!